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Investigation Of Steve McNair's Murder: The Tent Goes Up, Now Call In The Clowns

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Look I don't want any of this stuff to start getting messy or weird, but when it gets to the point that reasonable speculation is being made, especially by people closely involved with the victims or investigation, then I feel like we here at MCM have a duty to pass it along to you.

With that being said, the latest in the burgeoning circus that is the investigation into Steve McNair's murder in after the jump:

Tennessee_titans_30x21 The Tennessean is now reporting that Kazemi put all of her furniture for sale on Craigslist the day before the shooting.  Here's the actual ad.

Tennessee_titans_30x21 McNair's right hand man, business partner and confidant Robert 'Big Daddy' Gaddy says McNair had expressed no plans to divorce his wife:

"People need to quit talking about what they don't know. Mac never said anything to me about he was going to get a divorce, and ever since this has all happened everybody is trying to paint a certain picture and they need to talk about what they know," Gaddy said Tuesday. He has been friends with McNair for nearly 20 years, dating to their playing days in college.

"People can have all the theories they want, but we haven't even put my man to rest yet or put him in the ground," Gaddy said. "Show some respect for the family. It's crazy.''

Gaddy also tells The Tennessean that Wayne Neeley called him instead of the cops because he simply panicked and wasn't thinking straight.

Tennessee_titans_30x21 And this is why speculation sucks: The violent rap song recorded by Ken Norfleet, the deceased woman's ex-boyfriend, which seemed to be a warning to Steve, was pretty clearly about his sister's ex-husband once they explain a few things:

The song, his sister Crystal Norfleet said, was about her own husband. He cheated on her with a much younger woman, and her pain deeply affected her brother.

Norfleet pointed out there is a name mentioned in the song, Benjamin T-Bo. That’s her husband.


There are tons of other minutia and baseless speculation floating around out there.  Hell, the average PFT commenter appears convinced this was the work of ninjas or the KGB or something (memo to all: CSI isn't real life.), and that's their prerogative.  What the world doesn't need though, are an army of half-informed citizens piecing this tragedy together through newspaper clippings and tweets, irrevocably altering the way people remember this tragedy.

If things look shady down the road then that's one thing, but lets not be jumping at shadows.  There's no need to confuse curiosity with ill-informed speculation.

This post will be updated as new, relevant information comes to light.