Steve McNair Found Shot to Death


The title says it all. A couple other fanposts have already popped up, but I wanted to get something up on the Front Page. Preliminary details are that another woman was found dead as well in a condo on 2nd Ave. South in downtown Nashville. This post will be updated as details become available. I am watching the local news as well as searching the web. Feel free to use the comments section to share your thoughts on this tragedy or to point out any links you find or details you hear on tv or radio. The thoughts and prayers of the entire MCM community go out to the family of Steve McNair, especially his wife Mechelle and his four sons Junior, Steven, Tyler, and Trenton. UPDATE (4:13): Some rumors are beginning to swirl that this might have been a murder-suicide involving McNair's wife. Its needs to be said loud and clear: Right now that is pure speculation which contradicts what police are saying. Metro Police have clearly labeled this, at least right now, as a double homicide. They also have not been able to properly notify the female victim's next of kin and are therefore withholding her name for now. UPDATE: (4:45) per MCM user MrNorhtNashville McNair's agent said on ESPN that his wife was NOT involved and is in fact in Mississippi with the rest of the McNair family. UPDATE: (6:05) News Channel 5 is now reporting on air that Steve McNair was indeed renting the apartment where the shooting occurred. UPDATE: (10:15) Metro Police Spokesman Don Aaron just gave a second press conference. The Tennessean has all the latest news. I will not speculate about what all this evidence points to, but it's pretty obvious that there are more than likely some hurtful details yet to come. I think it's important to point out that regardless of what was going on in his private life, McNair was a community giant, not just in Nashville, but also in his native Mississippi, his first NFL home, Houston, his latest NFL home Baltimore, and also post-Katrina New Orleans. The circumstances of his death, whatever eventually comes out, will never change who was to the thousands who benefited from his philanthropy or to the millions of people who learned about greatness, toughness, and class by watching him on Sundays. The world was a better place when Steve was still with us.