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My Observations on Vince Young's E:60 Piece

In case you missed the piece last night:

My observations after the jump.

I still don't understand why he decided to do this now.  It was mentioned that the Titans declined the request to comment in the piece, and it is pretty obvious to me that it is because they have decided to move on.  Vince should too.

I don't understand the whole "organization should have supported me more" and "Coach Fisher became just my boss stuff."  Is he saying that because he feels like he should have been named the starter when he was healthy again or was there something else behind the scenes that we don't know about?  It comes off as extremely childish if it is the first. 

August mentioned it in the links this morning, and we have talked about it before that even, but Albert Haynesworth needs to just move on with his life.  It couldn't be more hypocritical of him to talk about falling out of grace with this organization and not being able to get back in good favor.  In case he has forgotten, he committed the most egregious act ever performed on a football field, and this organization stood behind him the whole way.

It broke my heart a little bit to hear that Coach Fisher had asked Steve McNair to help Vince in camp this season.  I have long wished that McNair could have stayed here Vince's rookie year as the starter, mentored him for that season, and then retired after the season handing the reigns over to VY.  The fact that Fisher asked McNair to help VY this year makes me think that maybe they haven't given up on him just yet.

I liked the way the piece ended.  It seemed to me at the end Vince was finally starting to get it.  It will be interesting to see if the extra work he has been putting in pays off once camp starts.