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Cortland Finnegan Talks About Steve McNair

There was a great article in a Pensacola paper back on July 15th about Cortland Finnegan.  The article talks about a football camp that he puts on for kids in the area, and D.C. Reeves, the author of the article, asked Finnegan about his relationship with Steve McNair:

"(McNair) was a soft-spoken guy that you could ask about anything," Finnegan said. "When he came and spoke (with the rookies), we could ask him about finances on down to football and life in the NFL because he was in it 10-plus years. He was an open book, and that's one of the things that all of us rookies (in 2006) remember, that we looked up to an icon."

He went on to say that the team has discussed ways to honor McNair, including the whole team taking the field wearing #9 to open the season.  That would be cool.

To me, this just reiterates the fact that even though McNair had some serious issues in his personal life, he was a hero to a lot of people, and not just the fans.  The guys that were his contemporaries even looked up to him.

(hat tip to smash for the article)