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Pre-training camp NFL Power Rankings

I will be bringing you an overview of the NFL Power Rankings this year.  Let's get started.

The Titans average spot is 9.8 9.3. Almost all of the rankings have the Steelers and Patriots in the top two positions.

ESPN puts us at #7, up one spot from May. See how the whole panel voted here. Kuharsky put us at #5.

The second year of Mike Heimerdinger's offense can provide the jump needed to offset their defensive losses. (Kuharsky)

Sports Illustrated's Peter King puts us at #10.

(these rankings are from a few months ago)

Second team in the top 10 that should have tried harder and offered more to get Holt. Still, Tennessee is good enough to win the South without anyone better than Justin Gage outside. And by the way, he played well enough last year (19.1 yards per catch) to merit a shot at being Kerry Collins' go-to-guy downfield and will benefit from the Titans' acquisition of ex-Steeler Nate Washington. I don't worry much about Collins, except about him surviving 16 games; he turns 37 this year and the team is up the creek without a paddle if he's not playing well.

Peter King's  Don Banks's rankings have been updated to put the Titans at #7.

I don't think there's really anything fluky about the way the Titans won last season, and even with the loss of Albert Haynesworth in the defensive middle, last year's blueprint for victory should continue to work just fine. But there's no way I could rank Tennessee ahead of Baltimore after it lost that devastating playoff opener at home to the Ravens.

Pete Prisco of CBS Sports puts us at #11, up four spots from last time.

Jeff Fisher's team will be tough again, but do we really think they can come close to duplicating last season's success? Kerry Collins is the key.

Fox Sports' Adrian Hasenmayer puts us in 6th place

SUMMER STRENGTH: QB Kerry Collins' play-action fakes should fake more guys out than David Blaine, thanks to a bone-crushing offensive line and dynamic duo at RB with Lendale White and Chris Johnson, whatever their nicknames are these days. puts us at #10, up one spot.

Finally, this team may actually have a decent group of receivers. The defense is going to miss Albert Haynesworth. His departure is what will keep them from going deep in the AFC playoffs. It's hard to believe the defensive end position wasn't dealt with in the off-season.

What if Sports places us at #15. Their Power Predictions, which "utilizes its football simulation to rank all 32 NFL teams based on their likelihood of winning the upcoming week", has us at #24 for Week 1 against the Steelers.