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State of the Tennessee Titans Roster: Safety

Another day, another position with stars on the front line and questions behind them.

Michael Griffin really came into his own last season with 7 interceptions including one he returned for a touchdown.  After this season he should be in every single discussion about the best safeties in the game.

Chris Hope finally got the recognition he deserved last season with a trip to the Pro Bowl.  He is the veteran leader of the secondary, and we were all really glad to see him come back from that scary neck injury in 2007.

Vincent Fuller backs up Griff at free safety and is the nickel corner.  He is really good at nickel, but we have never really seen him play at safety when it counted.  Hopefully we won't see that this season either.  (No offense Vinny)

The back-up strong safety is friend of the site Donnie Nickey.  Nickey will be entering his 7th season with the Titans and is a valuable special teams guy.

I actually feel a little bit better about the depth here than I do at corner because they have a couple of guys that actually have some good game experience, but I still wouldn't feel confident if either of the starters were out for an extended period of time.