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Peter Schrager Ranks the Top 99 Players in the NFL

Everyone loves a list, right?  Peter Schrager at Fox Sports decided to make a list of the best 99 players in the NFL.  The Titans tied with for the lead with 6 players on the list with the Patriots, Cardinals and Steelers

The Titans players on the list, and a few traveshamockeries after the jump.

Here are the Titans players that were on the list:

37. Michael Roos
77. Chris Johnson
79. Kyle Vanden Bosch
90. Cortland Finnegan
91. Kevin Mawae
97. Keith Bulluck

CJ at #77 is waaaaay to low.  The ridiculous thing is there are 9 RBs ranked ahead of him.

Finnegan all the way at #90 is laughable.

It was nice of them to include Mawae on the list, but I don't think he is one of the best 99 players in the league anymore.  He may not even be the best center on his team.

When Schrager lists his guys that are just on the cusp, he doesn't include David Stewart or Michael Griffin.  Travesty....Sham....Mockery.