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Clay Travis: The Tennessean Is Sitting on a Story That Steve McNair Had Several Other Affairs

Well here it is.  Most of us that write on this site said when the Steve McNair story broke that there would be other details come out before it was all said and done that do not shed a good light on McNair.  According to Clay Travis, that story has been written and the Tennessean is sitting on it.

There was quite a bit of talk in gramsey's thread the other day about the details of McNair's private life, and if they should be discussed here or not.  I wasn't, and honesty still am not, sure where I come down on that.  For instance, last Friday there was a story in one of the New York papers that McNair had a lengthy affair with a stripper in Minnesota.  The source for said story was the former owner of a strip club.  I had a post all written and ready to go about the story and how there was no point to printing it now.  What good would it do?  I ultimately decided not to post what I wrote because I didn't want to give the story any more of a forum than it already had.

Clay Travis makes this argument in his post:

There is no doubt that the fact that Steve McNair was engaged in multiple affairs is extremely newsworthy. He was, after all, killed by one of these women. Already the Tennesseanhas reported that there was a third woman involved in an affair with McNair. Why draw the line there? Especially when articles citing police and other sources have already hinted that Ms. Kazemi may have been motivated in her murder/suicide by uncovering the existence of these other women. She's 20 and believed she was the love of Steve McNair's life. Then she uncovered that she was merely one woman of many that he was squiring about town.

There is one main benefit to running a blog and not being a member of the mainstream media.  The decision about what goes on the blog is mine and mine alone.  I don't have to write about anything that I don't deem it necessary to write about. 

We don't have to write about stuff just because it is "extremely newsworthy."  This is a fansite and not a news outlet.  We do try our best to stay on top of all the Titans breaking news, but our main goal is to provide a forum for Titans fans to discuss the Titans. 

It is my firm belief that Titans fans would much rather talk about the good memories of Air McNair rather than the circumstances that ultimately led to his tragic and untimely death, and that is why the story has been covered here the way that it is has.  If this story really does exist and ever runs, I am sure it will be linked to here, but I doubt there will be much commentary about it from any of the bloggers here.

So I thank you for reading this post as it has very little structure and is just me working through where I come down on this issue.  You can now go back to your regularly scheduled activities (bah).