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Great Moments In Haterism: Philip Rivers Gets Thumped By High School QB

I make no secret of rooting against Philip Rivers in just about everything.  I've never met him, but I just don't like the guy's attitude (and I'm not talking about hoakey, staged interviews; Ty Cobb could come off as a likable fella if ESPN flacks were lobbing softballs his way), noodle-armed lob passes that float in the air for 30 minutes or antics a single bit.  The guy gets carried to wins by the tremendous talent around him, but acts like he's doing it all himself.

Don't agree? Don't much care. About 30% of sports is all about those meaningless grudges and players/coaches/clubs you can't stand for reasons that aren't all that serious.  Plus it's mid-July, so good NFL news is pretty rare this time of year.

Anyways, if you're a Philip Rivers hater like myself, then this is just golden:

I will give props to Rivers for not going the LeBron/Nike route and burning every tape within a 2 mile radius.  Still though, I can't wait until the Chargers come into our house on Christmas Day to get crushed like a tin can.

(h/t to KSK)

[UPDATE from Jimmy]- Via Kuharsky, Rivers "wasn't trying his hardest."  You are still free to draw whatever conclusion to prefer.