Petition to the Tennessee Titans to Officially Retire Steve McNair's #9

I am a Titans fan. I am a Steve McNair fan. You may have not seen me around MCM very often as I tend to roam around Rocky Top Talk, but gramsey712 informed me that the Tennessee Titans have not officially retired the numbers of Steve McNair, Eddie George, or Frank Wycheck due to Mr. Adams criteria for retirement. Sure, nobody wears number 9, 27, or 89 right now, but they apparently are not off limits, maybe just a bad idea for someone to ask for those. p>

So, I felt it necessary to test out the recent increase in traffic to MCM with this petition to make Steve McNair's number 9 the seventh officially retired number in franchise history, joining Warren Moon (#1), Earl Campbell (#34), Jim Norton (#43), Mike Munchak (#63), Elvin Bethea (#65) and Bruce Matthews (#74). I will add a poll to this for voting, but please rec, comment, whatever you think might help and let's try and make this pipe dream a reality! Surely someone in the organization would take notice.

[Edit by VolBrian] - This petition is now being linked by several media outlets in the Nashville area and elsewhere. Everyone please share this in any way you can to show your support. Facebook, twitter, other blogs, let's get the word out!!

[From Jimmy]- If you are in favor of this, please leave a comment in the comment section as well as voting in the poll. I am going to try to get a lot of people behind this and then send it to the Titans. The more comments we have in the section, the more likely they are to listen. Let's make this the most commented post ever here at MCM. (I have no idea what that is, but I am sure Smash will weigh in with the answer very soon.)