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Steve McNair Laid to Rest in Mississippi

This morning was the final memorial service for former Tennessee Titans quarterback Steve McNair at Southern Mississippi University.  Once again a lot of players turned out to remember McNair, including Brett Favre, Ray Lewis, Jay Cutler, and Vince Young.  Jeff Fisher spoke again and called Vince up to the podium to help him lead the Lord's Prayer.

This service ends what has been a week of public memorials for our slain quarterback.  I am sure there will be more stories about McNair's life to come out in the coming weeks, but as I have said before, I will remember him as a warrior on the football field and a giant in the communities where he lived and played.

I have decided that we will keep the new logo in the upper right left hand corner for the entire 2009 season.  I urge you to keep the McNair family in your thoughts and prayers.  The pain they are feeling right now won't just go away because all of the public memorials are over.

I leave you with a quote from Bobby Hamilton, who played for the Patriots and Raiders and was a good friend of Steve McNair's oldest brother, that I says pretty much exactly what most of us have been feeling for the past week:

"It's very painful. We know he was a warrior. ... I can't even say the word how this warrior went down," an emotional Hamilton said.

R.I.P. #9

Click through the jump to see video from today's service.