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Create a Caption #3 Winner

It's Sunday night, and  MCM's third Create a Caption has a winner.  Without further ado...



"Uhhh, honey, the NFL's Kids' Program is called Play 60... not have 60!!!"



The winner is MCM user Titans_Girl, with 33 votes. Three other entries deserve the runner up trophy.

Eli: "I'm glad we were able to get Travis Henry's illegitimate kids to pose with us"

- Air McNair 9 (ryansax, joshuaboone, and gotitans27 had similar ideas)

"She says they are all his! He's not so sure! Today on Maury: Paternity Tests!"


"Today Eli Manning unveiled his secret plan for an all Manning NFL. He only hopes Peyton will do his part."


Thanks to everyone who participated. If you didn't win this time, don't forget to try again next week.