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Music City Miracles Interviews Tennessee Titans Safety Donnie Nickey

Donnie Nickey was nice enough to answer some questions I sent him via email:

What was the biggest factor in you deciding to stay with the Titans?

I love Nashville and being a Titan. The biggest factor was if they would bring me back. I am grateful for the years I have spent here and would love to play my entire career in Nashville.

What do you think of your new D Coordinator Chuck Cecil? How different will the defense look under him?

Chuck is an intense competitor and will bring an aggressive style to our defense. Chuck was the kind of player I try to model myself after and it is a lot of fun to play for him.

A lot has been made in this offseason about the loss of Albert Haynesworth. Do you think the Titans have the guys on the roster to fill the huge void from his departure?

I dont think we will have trouble replacing the production of Albert. It might take more than one person, but I think the talent of our defense is going to be a lot for teams to handle.

What is your favorite memory from your 6 seasons with the Titans?

My favorite memory is going to be winning a super bowl this year!!

What team were you a fan of growing up?

I was born in Akron, Ohio so I was a die hard Browns fan. My favorite player was Ernest Byner so it is really cool to have him as a coach.

A huge thanks to Donnie for doing this, and I like his optimism!