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State of the Tennessee Titans Roster: Quarterback

Over the next few weeks we will be taking a look at the State of the Titans Roster as we head into training camp (which right now seems like a million years away).  We will start today with everyone's favorite topic, the quarterbacks.  I am starting with this one mainly because I want to get it over with.

Kerry Collins proved last year that he is exactly the type of quarterback this team needs. 

  • He takes care of the ball- He only threw 7 picks last season and only fumbled 5 times (only lost 1).
  • Gets rid of the ball on time- Collins was only sacked 8 times in 2008.  Obviously a lot of that has to do with the offensive line, but Vince was sacked 25 times in 2007 behind a very similar line.
  • Throws it to where the receivers are going- How many times in 2007 did we a receiver break one way and Vince Young throw the ball the other way?  At the time we had no idea if it was VY's fault or the receivers.  That question was answered when we saw how few times it happened with Collins behind center.
  • Can win a game when the other team decides to sell out to stop the run- There was a stretch of games last season against the Colts, Packers and Bears where Collins threw the ball 37+ times in a win.  The biggest question in my mind about Collins was if he still had the ability to win a game with his arm.  He answered that loud and clear.  (Not to mention the game which shall not be mentioned where he led the team down the field on a couple of different occasions that ended in disaster that was no fault of his own)

Vince Young is "doing all the right things" this offseason.  If you have read this site ever, you realize that people have very different opinions on the future of VY with the Titans.  I am still of the belief that barring an injury to Collins, VY coming in a playing really, really well, 2009 will be his last season in the two-toned blue.  Only time will tell.

Patrick Ramsey seems to be another one of these project guys they bring in to see if there is anything there.  I don't think Chris Simms has much of a future in this league, and I think Ramsey has even less.  They will never actually put Ramsey ahead of VY on the depth chart, but don't be surprised if there is an open competition in a week where Collins might not play because of injury.

I have nothing to say about Alex Mortensen for obvious reasons.

As long as Collins stays healthy, quarterback is one of the strengths of this roster.  If he misses any significant amount of time it would be a scary free for all, and that could spell trouble of the '09 version of the Tennessee Titans.