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MCM Tennessee Titans Podcast

The latest version of the MCM Tennessee Titans podcast is now available for your listening pleasure over at Pigskin Pundits.  August and I were joined by Terry McCormick, the Titans reporter for the Nashville City Paper, in this edition.  Terry has some really good stuff about the Patrick Ramsey signing amongst other things.  You can subscribe and download the podcast on iTunes by searching Pigskin Pundits.

The producer of the show, Rodney, has set up a YouTube channel for the podcast as August mentioned in the links this morning.  He will take the best 10 minutes or so of each show and put it up there. 

*A HUGE thanks to Terry McCormick for agreeing to be on the show.  Terry is one of the best out there when it comes to all things Titans, so be sure and check out his work in the City Paper.