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Tennessee Titans 2009 Undrafted Free Agent Signings *Updated

As Paul Kuharsky mentioned this morning, signing undrafted free agents will be a challenge for the Titans because they are already so deep.  About the best thing an undrafted guy can hope for if he comes here is a shot at the practice squad.  There aren't to many guys that are willing to settle for that.

Here are the guys the Titans have signed so far:

WR, Dudley Guice (NW State)

DE, Mitch King (Iowa)

OL, Ryan Schmidt (South Florida)

QB, Alex Mortensen, Arkansas/Samford (Yes, he is Mort's son)

RB, Rodney Ferguson (New Mexico)

CB, Jeremy Haynes (McNeese State)

WR, Phillip Morris (South Carolina State)

P, A.J. Trapasso (Ohio State)

I will update the list when/if more guys are signed gramsey finds them!