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Titans 3rd Round Recap

• Traded 2010 2nd round pick for NE's 2009 3rd round pick (89th overall)

• 89th pick: Jared Cook, TE from South Carolina

Positives: Rare athlete. Reportedly ran a 4.37-second 40-yard dash and posted a 39.5-inch vertical leap in 2007. Long, lanky build capable of handling additional mass without a significant loss of quickness. Good burst off the line of scrimmage to challenge the seam and can throttle down, sink his hips and create separation against even athletic defenders. Flashes natural hands for the reception. Can snatch passes outside of his frame due to his long arms and big hands. Good elusiveness after the catch and can accelerate past defenders for long gains. Good burst off the snap to get to the second level. Has the lateral agility to mirror and effectively block defenders in space.

Negatives: Not necessarily the sum of his parts. Often lined up wide in the Gamecocks' offense and may struggle to acclimate to a more pro-style offense. Relies on his athleticism rather than technique to get off the line of scrimmage. Tends to freelance a bit as a route-runner. Can make the spectacular catch, but is prone to lapses in concentration. Marginal effort and effectiveness as a blocker, especially in close quarters.

• 94th pick: Ryan Mouton, CB from Hawaii

Positives: Great quickness and change-of-direction agility. ... Slot cornerback who plays stronger than his diminutive frame would suggest. ... Strong as a cut tackler, hits the man in the thigh instead of diving at his shins. ... Shows no let up and doesn't back down. ... Will run blitz from the slot and wrap the ballcarrier in the hole. ... Able to locate the ball on the run and has the hands to make the interception. ... Plays receiver and returns kicks in addition to his cornerback duties. ... Good in the slot and is elusive after the catch. ... Difference-maker on returns, using his quickness and some tough running to hit the gap and separate from coverage units.

Negatives: Teams could wonder if he fits on defense or offense. ... Short with a small frame, although he does have adequate muscle definition. ... Will have troubles matching up against tall or strong receivers on the outside. ... Taken out of run plays if a receiver gets a hand on him. ... Will not win fights for the ball. ... Tackling is an issue, lacks the size and strength to wrap up. ... Takes poor angles to the ball at times. ... Must work on staying low in his backpedal. ... Will dance on returns at times instead of hitting a lane. ... Did not return punts at Hawaii, a skill that would greatly improve his stock.

Surprises at both spots as the Titans enter the 4th round with no help so far at OLB, OL and a dicey pick in the secondary. You have to trust this team's ability to find DBs, but jeez this was an odd pick on first review. the loss of next year's 2nd round is somewhat off-set by the fact that we're pretty much guaranteed a 3rd round comp pick for Haynesworth.