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Your Tennessee Titans Select Kenny Britt, WR, Rutgers

Well I had a whole post written up on Beanie Wells, but I sure am glad that I did not have to use it.  I really like this pick for a lot of reasons.  Here are a few:

  1. He is believed by many to be the best route runner in this draft.  That is more important that 40 times.
  2. This marks the first time the Titans have taken a receiver in the first round since they passed on Randy Moss to take Kevin Dyson.  We were all sick of seeing a stable of middle round receivers that just ended up washing out.  This is a guy they will be looking for opportunities to get on the field.
There will be a lot more coming on this pick today, but for now let's just rejoice that the Titans finally took a wide receiver in the first round.