Late Round QB a Must for Titans

Given VY's current residence in purgatory and the distinct possibility that he gets cut after this season, we need a new young guy to be developing for the future.

This story is about Mike Reilly from Central Washington.  He apparently broke all of John Kitna's school passing records, and most impressively, set the NCAA All Divisions record of 46 consecutive games with a TD pass (as in, every game he played).

But the most impressive part about his resume and what has led me to campaign for Reilly here on MCM is contained in the following two paragraphs:

"It really was different all four years I was there," he said. "I played for three head coaches, three offensive coordinators, and three quarterback coaches while I was there. We kept winning, and our coaches kept getting offers to coach bigger schools. My first three years were pretty similar in that I was under center about 80 percent of the time. I didn't really ever get into shotgun until my junior year, but I was pretty much under center the whole time. It was more traditional -- one tight end, two running backs or vice versa -- but we never got too much into the spread offense. Even in those heavier sets, we still threw the ball quite a bit. We would throw the ball 30 to 35 times a game -- a little pass-happy, but nothing like you see from Texas Tech or Hawaii, where they're throwing the ball 60 times a game.

"In my senior year, we switched to about 80 percent shotgun under a new coach. So, I have exposure to both styles, which I think is a big asset. There are a lot of guys who really don't know how to take a snap under center. Especially in my junior year, my coach harped on that -- 'Hey, if you want to play in the NFL, you need to know about taking snaps under center.' Getting into different drops -- we worked a ton on that. It's been a big benefit to me."

He's a hard worker with tons of verstility and coachability, and bit of a chip on his shoulder coming out of D-II.  He was the most successful QB in school hostory, despite being jerked around by 3 different coaching staffs, which tells me that, mentally, he is tough as nails.

If Vince doesn't do something this season, he's gone unless he and the Titans decided to do a major renegotiation where he takes a 60-70% pay cut over what he would receive next year under his current deal---very unlikely.  We need to have another guy in development this year, so that if VY slinks out of town after this season, we are already set with Kerry's successor.