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Todd McShay's 7 Round 2009 NFL Mock Draft...

is going to be a pretty big let down for a lot of us ($). I mean nobody cares that this is his mock draft (along with his Scout Inc. cohorts), but how many folks here would put it past the FO to end up with a draft like this?

30. Rey Maualuga, ILB USC

62. Andy Levitre, OG/OT Oregon State

94. Michael Bennett, DE Texas A&M

130. Keenan Lewis, DC Oregon State

135. Myron Pryor, DT Kentucky

173. Vance Walker, DT Georgia Tech

203. Arian Foster, RB Tennessee (who goes on to fumble the hat they give him at the press conference)

206. Austin Collie, WR BYU

239. William Johnson, DE Michigan

242. Quinn Johnson, FB LSU

Upshots of this mock: I'm a Maualuga fan and think he can play inside or outside for us. MLB hasn't been a steadfast position for us, but Rey Rey could change that. Levetrie is the best guard in the draft and would most likely be an immediate upgrade over Amano.

Reality of this mock: OH COME ON!?!?! Not getting a WR until pick# 206, and getting a slow BYU player who is about 26 at that ( 2 year Mormon mission plus 4 years of school) sucks. Drafting 4 defensive lineman is just overkill. Even if they were all good half of them would be relegated to the practice squad because we already have depth there. And Arian Foster... I mean Arian friggin' Foster lost his job like 3 times at UT, and only got it back because the guys who beat him kept getting run-out of Knoxville for misconduct. And just to spare gramsey the heartache, lets not even get into the fumbles.