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MCM Tennessee Titans Podcast


The latest edition of the MCM Tennessee Titans podcast is now available for your listening pleasure.  In this edition we discuss the Jaguars addition of Torry Holt, the comments from Vince Young, and where we think the Titans will go in the draft so take a listen.

We will have a very busy show next week as we take a look back at what the Titans do in the draft.  Also, be sure and join us here on Saturday and Sunday of the draft.  We have a live blog going throughout the day commenting on all the picks of the first round, and we will break down the Titans picks as they happen.  It will have much the feel of an open thread on a Titans' game day, and if you have ever been a part of those you know how much fun they are.

Also, for those of you on Twitter, SB Nation is have a race to see who can be the first blog to get to 5,000 followers, The Race to 5K, so please follow me at TitansMCM.