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Jimmy Makes The Pick for the Tennessee Titans, You Make The Call

No. 62


Pick by Music City Miracles

Ramses Barden
Wide receiver


With the 62nd pick in this year's SB nation Writers Mock Draft, Jimmy selected Ramses Barden. Here's his take and the Mocking The Draft analysis.

Jimmy's take: Barden is a little bit of an off the board choice here, but the Titans need a playmaking wide receiver. Barden is just that. Plus he hails from an off-the-map school, and the Titans love to take guys from such schools. He is a physical specimen at 6-6 220, and has good speed to go along with it, running a 4.51 40. With those numbers he would be in the discussion to go in the first round if he were from an SEC school instead of Cal Poly. He had a great 2008 campaign with 67 catches for 1,257 yards and 18 TDs and should be able to step in an make some plays in 2009.

MTD thoughts: Indeed, this is a reach, but a good one. Tennessee has to come away from this draft with a starting wide receiver, and Barden is an excellent option.