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What is the Fascination with Bo Scaife?

So Bo Scaife was a no-show at Titans workouts yesterday?  I am not sure why that is such a big story.  He has been a no-show since week 11 of last season.  Why would the offseason be any different? 

To be honest, I was mad when they franchised him.  Sure they have extra money lying around, but they could be using that to lock up some guys that are up at the end of next season.  Think about it, the Titans are going to be paying Scaife top 5 tight end money next season.  Top 5.  Now be honest with yourselves, is Bo Scaife really a top 5 tight end in the league?  If you answered yes to that question, please step away from the computer for a second, remove your two-toned blue, burnt orange colored glasses, or both and think about it again.  Still think he is....let's take a look at some numbers, shall we?

2005 receptions/yards/touchdowns- 37/273/2

2006 receptions/yards/touchdowns- 29/370/2

2007 receptions/yards/touchdowns- 46/421/1

2008 receptions/yards/touchdowns- 58/561/2

Career average receptions/yards/touchdowns- 42.5/406.3/1.75

Here is where Scaife ranked among tight ends in 2008:

Receptions- 7th

Yards- 13th

Yards per game- 16th

Touchdowns- 21st

Also, Alge Crumpler had a better yards per catch average, 10.7, than Scaife did, 9.7.  Scaife's career yards per catch number is 9.6.  That just isn't impressive at all and definitely isn't worth top 5 money.

Scaife is a nice player, but he is easily replaceable.  The Titans were crazy to franchise him and would be even crazier if they were to give him a deal with a lot of guaranteed money.  He just isn't worth it.