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MCM Draft Prospect Previews: Percy Harvin, WR, Florida



Height- 5-11
Weight- 192
40- 4.41

Thoughts from Alligator Army

Percy Harvin is a guy a lot of us would love to see in the two-toned blue next season.  Here is what our friends at Alligator Army had to say about him:

Florida's best player this season was not Tim Tebow. It was Percy Harvin. All you need to know about Harvin was answered in the BCS Championship Game when he played with a hairline fracture. When Tebow could not find his way, Harvin carried the team. He had 171 total yards of offense, playing at about 75%. How many guys at 75% could do that? Not just that, Harvin had gains of 46 and 52 yards, and was unaffected when Oklahoma's Nic Harris tried to break his leg (watch the end of this clip).

But, Harvin's championship performance was typical of his play at UF. He is absolutely brilliant. And absolutely injury-prone. This could be from the way he was used at UF. In the pros, as a wide, he won't have to lineup at running back in goal line situations or run the counter. The mileage he gained at UF may scare teams away, but watch any of his runs on You Tube. He's not going to have to run as physical in the NFL.

Harvin ran a 4.41 forty in Indy, but he is faster than that. Harvin's specialty is cruising into open space, and then finding an extra gear to pull away. When he would find the edge, Harvin could not be stopped. How will this translate to the NFL? He could be a deep threat or a guy who camps out underneath and gashes defenses all day. Watch to see what Harvin does at Florida's Pro Day in March. That will be a much better indicator of his speed (Harvin is not yet 100%) and he will run passing routes, which he did not do in Indy.

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