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Mel Kiper And The Hilarity Of Hindsight


Here's Mel Kiper's draft grade for the Titans' 2005 draft:

Tennessee Titans: B

Corner Adam Jones fills a huge need for the Titans and Michael Roos is a very good tackle for Tennessee to add in the second round. Courtney Roby is an average receiver and Brandon Jones is OK, but I actually like fourth-round wideout Roydell Williams more than either Roby or Jones. Running back Damien Nash was a stretch in the fifth round but offensive tackle Daniel Loper is good in pass protection, and there is some question as to whether tight end Bo Scaife can stay healthy.

Here's where these cats stand today:

Adam Jones: If you need an update, then what are you doing here?

Michael Roos: Stud, and long-term bookend left tackle.

David Stewart: No mention in Kiper's grade, but he was near Pro Bowl level this year.

Courtney Roby: Keeping the Saints' bench warm.

Brandon Jones: Solid but hasn't developed... just got a hilarious contract with the 49ers.

Roydell Williams: Out of the league.

Damien Nash: Tragically died of a freak heart condition in 2006 after a charity basketball game. He had just caught on with the Broncos.

Daniel Loper: Looks like a career back-up, but a good one.

Bo Scaife: Just got the franchise tag. 'Nuf said.

Kiper's grade is about right, but the funny part is that it's for all the wrong reasons. Stewart was the second best player we got and didn't even get mentioned.

My point is, lets not get too caught-up in the false sense of certainty that accompanies draft day.