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With the 3rd pick.... the 2009 MCM Mock Draft the Kansas City Chiefs (represented by August West) select....


B.J. Raji, DT, Boston College

Everyone in the world has Curry going here but I don't get it: didn't they take Johnson from Texas just a few years ago?  It seems a little unnecessary to have a top-10 and a top-5 LB in the same position grouping.  With that in mind I'd say they should take Raji, put him next to Glen Dorsey (who was very disappointing from what I read last year) and watch those two collapse plays and disrupt timing.  Raji will help those LBs and DBs look better, and the Cheifs could have a tandem in the middle that has the effect Jacksonville's terrible duo of John Henderson and Marcus Stroud did for years.

The Seattle Seahawks are now on the clock..