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With the First Pick.... the 2009 MCM Mock Draft, the Detroit Lions (represented by zap93) proudly select....


Jason Smith, OT, Baylor.

This came down to a toss up between Stafford and Smith. For a QB to have a legitimate chance to succeed, he must be put in a situation that is conducive to success. On offense the Lions seem to be set at WR with that freak of nature Calvin Johnson, as well, their running game looks to be fairly solid. Build a solid o-line BEFORE you go out and spend a top pick on a franchise QB. They will suck again next year and will likely have another high draft pick in what is said to be a much better QB crop. Shore up the o-line with Smith this year and give the future QB an already solid group around him (see Roethlisberger, Ben). Many a draft busts have been due to poor o-line play (see Carr, David), and the Lions wouldn't want to see another top 5 pick wasted on a QB who isnt given the absolute best possible chance to succeed.
The St. Louis Rams, represented by gotitans27, are now on the clock..