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Albert Haynesworth's Contract Has $60,000,000 In Monopoly Money

Couldn't see this coming, I swear:

League sources told ESPN's Chris Mortensen that a $29 million "poison pill" in the fifth year of Haynesworth's contract effectively makes it a four-year deal worth $48 million. The Redskins would owe Haynesworth a lump sum of $29 million in salary and bonuses in 2013, the fifth year of the deal. It is unlikely the team will pay the full commitment of $100 million over seven years unless the contract is re-negotiated. Haynesworth will receive $41 million in guaranteed money.

Remember that our initial offer was 4 years, $36 million with $20 mill- $25 mill guaranteed, and that offer went up substantially at the combine.  

It's nice to know we probably lost Albert over years and dollars he'll never see.  Just awesome.