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Will Albert Haynesworth and Kerry Collins Still Be Wearing the Two Toned Blue in 09?

It is 33 hours and some change until the start of free agency, and the Titans still haven't come to terms with Albert Haynesworth and Kerry Collins. I am still pretty confident that Collins will be back next season. It is no secret that Fisher wants him back as the starter, and Mike Reinfeldt said last week that the Titans would be willing to match pretty much any offer Collins gets. If I were Reinfeldt I would offer Collins about 2 years $8 million, remind him who gave him a chance when no one else would, and that he only got sacked 8 times last season, and tell him to have fun next season somewhere else if he turns it down.

The Albert deal is a little trickier. I would hope that he and his agent are smart enough to not fall for the Daniel Snyder monopoly money contract. The NFL is all about guaranteed money. If I were in the Titans front office I would give him an offer that pays him a couple million more guaranteed than Jared Allen. If the Redskins or some other team is willing to go over the top and offer $35-40 million guaranteed, you have to let him walk. While he is the most dominant defensive player in the league, you just cannot afford to have him eating up that much of your salary cap.

There are my thoughts. Leave your predictions on where you think both guys end up in the comments. I think Collins is here and Haynesworth ends up somewhere else. August keeps telling me that Houston is a dark horse for his services. That would be the worst possible scenario.