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Albert Haynesworth To Sign With The Redskins?


That's the report coming from The Houston Chronicle's Lance Zierlein:

This time around he tells me that the Washington Redskins will break the bank to sign Albert Haynesworth. The Titans could come over the top of the Redskins deal as well, but my guess is that the Redskins will let Haynesworth get the best offer possible from the Titans and then "better deal" it.

My source tells me to look for a contract that could break $100 million with an average of $15 million to $16 million per. My guy is almost never wrong and Dan Snyder gets what he wants.

This contract would reinvent the wheel in terms insane contracts, and would best Jared Allen by $30 million.  There's no word on what the guarantees would be, but a $100 million contact for any player is just insane.

Of course if it comes with $30 mill. in guarantees, Albert would be insane to pass on it.

Dan Snyder would also become the NFL's George Steinbrenner... just without any real success at all.