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Monday at the 2009 NFL Combine

Here are some interesting notes from today's happening at the combine:

  • Texas defensive end Brian Orakpo pulled up lame today at the combine while running his 40.  Everyone send your condolences to SuperHorn.
  • USC linebacker Rey Maualuga also injured his hamstring running the 40 today.  Hopefully both of these guys can rebound in time to have good showings at their Pro Days.
  • Speaking of USC linebackers, Clay Matthews was impressive today running a 4.67 40.  There are a lot of (probably insignificant) connections between Matthews and the Titans and linebacker is a place where the Titans could be looking to add some depth to an aging linebacker core.  Think there is any shot the Titans could take him under the "best player available" line of thinking?
  • Here is the list of the top performers thus far in the 40 yard dash.  These times are just getting silly.
  • There is a lot of buzz that our former defensive coordinator, Jim Schwartz, could be taking Aaron Curry from Wake forest with the #1 overall pick.  I can't see Scwartzy starting his rebuilding process with a linebacker, but he has been impressive thus far, and Andre Smith probably worked his way out of the #1 spot with his boneheaded action over the weekend.

Cornerbacks are up tomorrow.