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2009 NFL Scouting Combine Saturday Recap: Where's Andre?

Here are a few notes from the Saturday workouts at the combine:

  • Andre Smith is one of the most talented players in the 2009 draft class, but he isn't one of the smartest. Smith left the combine yesterday morning without telling anyone.  His excuse was that he wasn't planning on working out anyway.  I am not sure what is going on, but his agent better keep spinning this thing all the way to the draft, and Andre better hope he has a good Pro Dor he might have cost himself a lot of money yesterday.  Also, thanks again Andre for not waiting another couple of weeks before talking to an agent and screwing Bama in the Sugar Bowl.
  • It was discovered Friday that Texas Tech wide receiver Michael Crabtree has a slight stress fracture in his left foot.  He is going to wait until after his Pro Day to have surgery so he can run the 40.  This might affect his status in the draft a little bit, but unfortunately it isn't going to make him fall to #30.
  • Percy Harvin said that most of his injuries came while playing running back in college, so his durability shouldn't be a problem when he is playing receiver in the NFL. 
  • After refusing to practice at any position besides quarterback at the Senior Bowl, Pat White said that he is open to playing other positions in the NFL.  I would love to see the Titans take a flier on this guy in a middle round of this April's draft.
  •  Leave any notes of interest in the comments.