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2009 NFL Combine: Take the Wonderlic Test

The NFL combine starts this weekend, and what better way to get yourself ready that to take the Wonderlic test.  The test that is available online, from Vandalay Solutions no less ("And you want to be my latex salesman"),  is just 10 questions instead of the 50 questions the prospects will answer at the combine.  They have 12 minutes, you have 2. 

Click here to take the test.  Leave your scores in the comments if you would like.  I would love to tell you my score, but the first time I took the test it didn't pop up a score for me, so I knew all of the questions the 2nd time (9 of 10 for a 45 score). 

Here is the scoring analysis:

Higher scoring applicants are supposed to learn more rapidly, master more complex material, and exercise better judgment while lower scoring applicants tend to require more time, detailed task instruction, and less challenging job routines.

25 is the average score for quarterbacks and offensive linemen. Other positions average about a 20.  A generic breakdown of the scoring looks like this:

50 = highest possible score, superior intelligence
30 = Very bright, you're shouldn't be living at home
20 = average intelligence (similar to IQ of 100)
15 = Equivalent to unskilled worker
10 and Below = Mental retardation

P.S. Before the trolls come calling, ha ha VY supposedly got a 6.  SWAGGERJACKED!

*Hat tip to ebag over at Hogs Haven for the info.