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Who Does Albert Haynesworth Think He Is?


The best defensive tackle in the league or something? Oh that's right; he is the best defensive tackle in the league. That's probably why he's making demands like this:

According to some of the people I've talked to at the scouting combine, Haynesworth is looking for three things from his new team: money, location and victories.

While Haynesworth hopes to become the highest paid defensive player in the league, he also wants to play in the Southeast and he wants to play for a winner. The Lions are 0-for-3 in that criteria. Right now, Tampa Bay appears to be the team that could have the best shot at landing Haynesworth.

That's pretty funny because we're in the Southeastern United States, win a lot of games and have a ton of money to throw around...

Unless the Titans make a major shift in philosophy and it turns-out that this is all hardball it's become pretty clear that there's just something in the guy's character or health that they aren't comfortable with once he cashes that monster check. Maybe they agree with those who think he'll loaf, or maybe it's because he hasn't ever played a 16 game season or had a great post-season performance.

Or it could be as simple as a philosophy within the organization that you don't commit that much money to any one player, even if they've earned it.

All I know is what you know: Albert is unblockable when motivated. It appears that talent may extend to the bidding table as well.

I just hope, wherever he is, Jason Jones is working out really, really hard.