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Week 14 NFL Power Rankings : The "At Least the Rams are Next Week" Edition


Rankings for Week 14 after the jump. Average spot is 18. It's the first week we've moved down since October.'s "experts" - down two to #16.

ESPN    - up one to #17.

A confident, streaking team sputtered pretty badly in Indianapolis. (Kuharsky)

Yahoo! Sports  - down two to #16.

Will Chris Johnson run for 300 yards against the Rams on Sunday – and how bummed about this matchup is the person who has to face UCSB women’s basketball coach Lindsay Gottlieb in the first round of their fantasy-league playoffs?

Pro Football Weekly  - down two to #19.

Turnovers have been big problems in losses.

CBS Sportsline  - down two to #19.

Their winning streak was ended by the Colts, but they aren't dead yet. The schedule is favorable down the stretch.

Fox Sports stays at #16.

Reality bites at 5-7 with their surprising five-game win streak squashed at Indy. But the Titans were a couple plays from being neck-and-neck with the Colts last week — i.e. why do teams get so fourth-down happy?

The Sporting News's Power Poll  - down three to #19.

QB Vince Young finally ran out of magic against the Colts. So far, everyone else has, too.

What if Sports's rankings - down one to #9