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Tennessee Titans @ Indianapolis Colts : 5 Keys to Victory

  1. Give the ball to CJ. Chris Johnson has had six straight games with over 128 yards rushing and he says he feels faster on the artificial turf. Indy's D has not been good against the run. Through the past six weeks, the Colts are the 8th worst in the league at stopping the run. CJ has no shortage of confidence, and he has said that he really wants to get those 2000 yards, so he needs to have a great day both for a win and to keep pace with Eric Dickerson.
  2. Limit Manning's big plays. Last time around, Peyton Manning burned the Titans for 309 yards and 3 touchdowns, but Cortland Finnegan and Vincent Fuller were out with injury. They are much better equipped to handle the Colts and their third best passing attack without two rookie corners playing.
  3. Score touchdowns. 11 points were left on the field last week and we still managed to win, but field goals will not beat the Colts. We need each and every point against the Colts, because it will most likely be a close game.
  4. Keep the ball. Vince has the ability to gain first downs either running or throwing, and with CJ involved too, ten yards doesn't seem so long anymore. CJ and VY are helping the Titans have the advantage in time of possession. Miami still lost to Indy earlier this year despite having the ball for about three quarters, but they still gave the guide on how to beat the Colts, as long as you can finish the game.
  5. Finish the game. I'm sure you've heard it by now, but the Colts have had to win their last five games with fourth quarter comebacks. The Titans have also had to win by comebacks in many of their wins this year. This game will probably come down to who can have the best fourth quarter. All the cards need to align for a win this week.