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Music City Miracles Hall Of Fame Class of 2009 - numbertenox

 As the year comes to an end, we are continuing to induct our Charter Members of the Music City Miracles Hall Of Fame. We have already inducted five of the six Members of our Charter class, so without further ado, the final Member of the Class of 2009 is





numbertenox is the junior member of the Class of 2009, having joined Music City Miracles on October 30th, 2007. He has made 2,131 comments on SBNation, every single one coming here at Music City Miracles. numbertenox has also posted 24 fanposts and fanshots for us to enjoy. 


numbertenox's first comment on record was on Big Tuna's recap of the Raider game in October of '07. Looks like numbertenox knew then about Music City Miracles what a lot of people are just finding out now:


first post
Hey, a Titans forum where the posters are more or less civil!  Other than a few "idiots" thrown about promiscuously here and there, a very nice tone.

My VY take: I understand why he rubs people wrong - he strikes me as arrogant as well.  His play has not been good this year.  But - last year he was a blast to watch, and I'd rather see him take the field right now than kerry, even though kerry is clearly passing better.  I keep hoping to see VY generate that excitement again.  A string of games with more VY mistakes and I might change my tune, though.  "We're 10 and 2, and Rex is our starter" - sorry, flashback.

The Oakland game - 16 passes isn't much to judge on.  If you feel someone must be benched for 42 passing yards, bench Fisher and Chow.  For me, hey  it worked - they won.  Ugly, but it worked.

And it could have worked hugely.  There were three TD passes that were catchable that were dropped.  The Troupe one definitely looked catchable to me - in fact the announcers I was listening too thought so as well - not sure what others heard.  Here's a CBS sports-line article that draws the same conclusion regarding the number of drops -

In any case, his QB rating would have skewed crazily upward if just one of those had been caught, so I give him a pass on the Oakland game.  Ha!  A pun!

Did ya'll notice that he mentioned a drop by Ben Troupe?? What a shock!

I would be remiss if I failed to mention that numbertenox also made a bet that beats all bets, and we still have not seen evidence of it being paid off. I take you back to Big Tuna breaking down the schedule for 2008:

5 and 2

Agree. If they are 7 and 0 I will crap myself. I’ll be very happy, but my pants will require cleaning.

Well, the Titans went 7 and 0. And we are still waiting, sir.

Random Facts About numbertenox (may or may not be true):

  • Jeff Fisher gets mustache growing tips from numbertenox.
  • numbertenox's brother is babetheblue.
  • numbertenox wants Nick Harper to come back next year. He is not ready to get rid of his #20 Titan jersey.

So join me in congratulating numbertenox on his induction into the Music City Miracles Hall Of Fame as a Charter Member of the Class of 2009.

Speech! Speech!

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