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Music City Miracles Hall Of Fame Class of 2009 - DannoE

  As the year comes to an end, we are continuing to induct our Charter Members of the Music City Miracles Hall Of Fame. We have already inducted zackmann, gotitans27, Pinoy Titan and theologic, so without further ado, the fifth Member of the Class of 2009 is





DannoE has been a member of Music City Miracles for just over two years, joining on September 2nd, 2007. He has made 3,415 comments on SBNation, 3,240 coming here at Music City Miracles. DannoE has also posted 35 fanposts and fanshots for us to enjoy. 


 DannoE's first comment on record was on Big Tuna's power ranking round up leading up to the Tampa game in October of '07. DannoE was buying what the rankers were selling:

Those guys have a good point.

I agree with most of those guys.  We DO need to win because of VY and not in spite of him.  

And I agree with whoever said Norm Chow's play-calling has become predictable.  Personally, I think they'll bounce back against Tampa, but make o mistake, the offense DOES need a bounce


DannoE's first game thread was that week as well, and he was mighty excited that he was getting to watch the game at home:

A miracle

The game is on in MY HOUSE IN CONNECTICUT!!!  Like Pinoy, I almost always have to listen on the radio, but NOT TODAY!  HOOOOOOORAY!

Goooooooooooooo Titans!

MCM mgmt is still trying to figure out where the heck Connecticut is.

Random Facts About DannoE (may or may not be true):

  • DannoE thinks that firing Norm Chow was the biggest mistake Jeff Fisher has ever made.
  • DannoE is a writer. And triathloner. That is a word, I promise.
  • DannoE is a HUGE Alge Crumpler fan. (I mean a big fan, not that he is a fan of the huge Alge Crumpler. Although Crumpler is huge.)
  • DannoE lives in Connecticut. Still researching this "Connecticut"......

So join me in congratulating DannoE on his induction into the Music City Miracles Hall Of Fame as a Charter Member of the Class of 2009.

Speech! Speech!