It's a Wonderful Life

I had a dream last night that I was distraught over another Titans lose (wait a minute, that really happened!!)
and I was ready to end it all. I was on a bridge looking down at the icy river below, when out of nowhere this old guy jumps into the river. He's screaming and flailing around in the water, course my instincts took over and I jumped in and saved him. As we're sitting in the shack drying our clothes, the guy tells me his name is Clarence. When I asked him why he jumped in, he said that he did it to save me. He told me he knew that I was going to jump in so he figured that if he jumped in first, that I would save him and therefore actually saving me. When I asked him how he knew I was going to jump, he said that he was my Guardian Angel. He said he knew everything about me. Said he saw me back when the Oilers used to play at Rice stadium when I used to play under the grandstands with the other kids. Said he saw me at the astrodome when Bum Phillips used to run Earl Campbell a million times every game. Said he saw me when Warren Moon used to run the run & shoot, and when they blew the biggest lead in NFL history (I almost jumped then, too.) I finally looked at him and told him "Sometimes I wish I had never been a Titans fan at all". He said "Oh no, you must not say that, just think of all the good you did by being a Titans fan". I insisted that it was just too painful & that I really wish I had never heard of this team in my life. Then he looked up and said "Yeah, ok...that just might work". He then looked at me and said ok, you're not a Titans fan...never have been one. All of a sudden I woke up, I said whoa, that was a weird dream. Then I went to work. My boss and I were talking and I said "man, the Titans really sucked last night, huh? He said "why do you care, you don't care about the Titans. I said "what are you talking about, I love the titans". He laughed and said "very funny, you know you're a true Cowboys fan like the rest of us". I left shaking my head. Then my wife called "honey, did you get the tickets to the game for Sunday? I said "what game? She laughed and said " the Cowboys game silly, what else? I raced home to check out my closet...sure was loaded with Coyboys gear (instead of all my Titans stuff). I raced to the computer & pulled up MCM...I tryed to post to August, and Jimmy, and gramsey, and T-Rac, and hal...they said "we've never heard of you, you don't have a profile here". Then....I screamed "Clarence, where are you Clarence...turn things back the way they were !! All of a sudden, I woke up in my bed...I raced to my closet...YEA, all my Titans stuff was there. I grabbed my wife and hugged & kissed her and said "I'M A TITANS FAN!!! The moral of the story is " A man is truely rich who has friends" (and who gets to be a Titans quit bitching!!!!!!!