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Chargers 42 Titans 17: The Titans Stole Christmas

Now it is OFFICIALLY over.  I said that after the Colts game and got hammered for it, but I had a feeling the same problems that have haunted us all season long were going to haunt us in this one.  Turns out I was correct.  Someone said in the game thread that this team is just a mediocre team, and that is absolutely correct.  They have been able to make some hay against the weaker teams in the NFL, but anytime they face a team that is actually good they look like they did tonight.

I knew it was going to be a bad night when gramsey sent me a text that said Kenny Britt wasn't starting.  Nice call their Fisher.  Nate Washington promptly rewarded Fisher for his faith in him by dropping a pass early in the game.  Who could have seen that coming??

Speaking of problems with coaching, why can't we teach our defensive lineman to watch the ball before moving instead of listening to the quarterback's voice??  Also, why can't our defensive coordinator keep his head on the sideline?  How many times do you see penalties called on coached in the NFL?  If you answered rarely to never you answered correctly.  Eleventy billion MCM bucks to you.  Chuck Cecil has come a long way as this season has progressed, but a coach getting an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty called on him is inexcusable.

Vince Young had easily his worst performance of the year going 8 of 21 for 89 yards with no touchdowns and two picks.  The Chargers own VY and Jeff Fisher.  We threw way too much early in the game, why does it feel like we have seen that before?  (A lot of questions in this recap)

The only real bright spot of the night was the fact that Chris Johnson ended up with 142 rushing yards on 21 carries.  That puts him 128 yards shy of 2,000 which he should easily be able to get next week against the Seahawks.  He also added 37 yards receiving which puts him 74 yards shy of Marshall Faulk's single-season yards from scrimmage record.  At least we have that to watch for next week.

This is going to be a long and very important offseason for this franchise.  At least we have our full compliment of draft picks to get this fixed....nope, but at least we got a lot of use out of the guy that we traded our 2nd pick in 2010 to get...nope, not that either.  Awesome!

Merry Christmas!!