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Keith Bulluck: Best Linebacker In The AFC South

We come here today to praise Keith Bulluck, the slick dresser, world traveler, community man and soon-to-be free agent.

Maybe some folks are confused as to why we've made it our solemn mission here at MCM to advocate the re-signing of Keith Bulluck at every possible opportunity.  Is it a sentimental argument based on the fact that Keith has been a model citizen, elite performer and leader of so many great defenses?  Partly.  You'd be an idiot to ignore those facts.  Is it because those white sleeves are like a Valium for anxious Titans fans?  For so many years, not matter how flawed a defensive play looked at the snap, if you saw those white sleeves flying into the TV screen you just knew everything is going to be ok.  Perhaps.  I mean, you build up a tolerance and you just need more!!?!?!

No, those aren't the real reason why we need Keith Bulluck back.  The real reason is that he is, and has been for many years, one of the best linebacker in the NFL, and easily the best linebacker in the AFC South.  I mean lets look at some numbers, shall we?

Jump with us...

17 career interceptions: that's good for 42nd on the active list of all defenders, and 2nd among linebackers (behind Ray Lewis, who has 4 more years in the league).  You see this is what most people don't get about Keith: he plays the pass better than pretty much any other LB in the NFL.  He's still got speed, range and agility that every team looks for.

1032 career tackles, with 751 solos (according to ESPN).  Bulluck can bring the wood, son.  He still takes great angles, plays with discipline and wraps-up every time.

18 sacks while spending his career in a defense that pretty much never blitzed after 2001

1 game missed in 10 years of service.

5 playoff appearances and a trip to the AFC Championship.

5 more tackles than the much vaunted about Demeco Ryans this year (who is second in the division, followed by tumbleweeds for a while until get to third place)

• And ask Drew Brees and Matt Schaub why they call him Mr. Monday Night!

So please folks, send your letters, your love and your good thoughts to the Titans front office.  Hopefully they'll wise-up and--just this once--break from their trend of letting key veterans walk!  Maybe this time they'll realize that the one of the best linebacker in the division still has a lot terrorizing left to do.