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Miami Dolphins @ Tennessee Titans : 5 Keys to Victory

  1. Run the ball.  I think this key has been on here all year, but it still gives us the best chance to win. The Dolphins allow just 106 yards per game on the ground, but they have allowed the 7th most rushing touchdowns in the league.  The team seems determined to get Chris Johnson his 2000 yards, and if he stays on pace we have a greater chance of winning.
  2. Stop Ricky WilliamsWe need to make Chad Henne beat us. Williams needs to be stopped by the front seven, the same way we managed to hold Steven Jackson to just 39 yards rushing. With Ronnie Brown out, Ricky is the best offensive threat they have, so if he is limited or even taken away, they Dolphins will be forced to expand their playbook to the pass game, which is nowhere near as potent as their run game.
  3. Don't be afraid to air it out either. Vince Young will probably be starting on Sunday, which automatically makes our offense better. The Dolphins allow a fourth worst in the league 7.54 yards per pass attempt, so obviously Miami's defense is much more vulnerable in the air than the ground. Kenny Britt has developed a great connection with VY, and he has scored a touchdown in each of the last three complete games by Vince. Passing the ball against this less than mediocre pass defense may be very crucial for the Titans if the Dolphins manage to take away CJ.
  4. Get picks and fumbles. The Dolphins are the third worst in the AFC with a -3 turnover differential. The Titans need to disrupt Chad Henne and force mistakes out of him. The Titans got five picks last week against the Rams, and that trend of interceptions needs to continue against the Dolphins. The one flaw Ricky Williams had last week against the Jaguars was his three fumbles. The Titans need to be physical and get some turnovers.
  5. Win the fourth quarter. Chad Henne has the second most interceptions in the fourth quarter of all NFL quarterbacks with 7, and ranks 39th out of 43 starting quarterbacks with a 49.3 passer rating. Through the past seven games, the Dolphins have lost the fourth quarter by a combined 61 points, allowing 134 points in the fourth quarter through the season, worst in the NFL. In every game after the season opener, the Dolphins have either led or been within a touchdown going into the fourth quarter, but they have only managed to win half of those games. This Dolphins team is not a good fourth quarter team, and that needs to be taken advantage of by the Titans to give them a good shot of winning.