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MCM's Tennessee Titans Team of the Decade

We are continuing our "of the decade" series today with the Titans team of the decade.  This list was compiled by August, Hal, Gramsey, and me.  It was a fun exercise.  Some of the selections were no brainers that were easily agreed on by all parties, but there were a few that were hotly debated.

The team and some comments on it after the jump.


QB- Steve McNair
RB- Chris Johnson
FB- Lorenzo Neal
WR- Derrick Mason
WR- Drew Bennett
TE- Frank Wycheck
OT- Brad Hopkins
OT- Michael Roos
OG- Bruce Matthews
OG- Zach Piller
C- Kevin Mawae


DE- Jevon Kearse
DE- Kyle Vanden Bosch
DT- Kevin Carter
DT- Albert Haynesworth
LB- Keith Bulluck
LB- David Thornton
LB- Randall Godfrey
CB- Samari Rolle
CB- Cortland Finnegan
S- Chris Hope
S- Michael Griffin


K- Rob Bironas
P- Craig Hentrich
RS- Derrick Mason
LS- Ken Amato

A few thoughts:

  • The first debate we really had was between CJ and Eddie George.  It seems somewhat blasphemous to keep Eddie off the team, but you can't include 1999 and without that CJ's numbers in 2 years are more impressive.
  • We all wanted to come up with a way not to put Drew Bennett on the team because all any of us can think of when we think of Drew is the drop in New England, but when you look at the numbers he had to be there.
  • Gramsey wants Sarge over Lorenzo, but the thing that gave Lorenzo the nod for the rest of us was the decline in Eddie's career when he left.
  • Everything else offensively is pretty much a no-brainer.
  • We cheated a little bit on the defensive line putting Carter in there at tackle.  He did play some tackle in his time here, but it really came down to the fact that those four guys are the four that it had to be.  Who else would you put at tackle?  Tony Brown was close, but Carter's numbers were so good that it was justifiable.
  • Linebacker was a little bit of a debate between Randall Godfrey and Peter Sirmon, but Godfrey was more dominating so he got the nod.
  • The safety positions might have taken us the longest.  Blaine Bishop was the first thought in everyone's head, but when you look at the numbers from this decade his aren't that good.  Griff would have made it a lot easier on us had he not gone in the tank this year, but his season last year was better than any season posted by a safety in the last 10 years- ergo he makes the list.
  • The returner debate is still going on between the four of us as I am writing this post.  The numbers are close enough that I can put Mason on the list and not feel bad about it.  Gramsey and Hal are all about he who shall not be named.  He was electric, but he only did it for 2 seasons.  That is how I am justifying leaving him off.  Gramsey says I will close the comments so no one can prove me wrong.  He doesn't have that "Hater" title for nothing.  Have at it..