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Music City Miracles Hall Of Fame



CJ4MVP had a great fanpost a few days ago that really got me thinking. What makes Music City Miracles so great? Personally, I love checking MCM for all the latest news, gossip and commentary by Big Tuna, smash and ADub, but my most favoritist part about MCM is the community that we all have created here over the last few years.

It's obvious why the community here is so incredible. Where else can you go to not only find the latest news, but delve into deep discussions about all things Titans at anytime of day? I swear it's like sitting at the crib with all my best friends talking about my favorite sports team, and the reason for that is you...the people reading this! Music City Miracles has, bar none, the best commenters of any blog on the internet. Without you, this is just another place on the internet where some guy gets to post his harebrained ideas about a football team. Think about it.....think about all the opposing team blogs we visit that have many many posts and no one ever comments. Or have posts with just one or two comments on them. And fanposts still at the top of the column that are weeks old. How boring would that be?

So, to show our appreciation for the commenters that frequent MCM, we have decided to open our very own Music City Miracles Hall Of Fame. This HOF is not for GMs or coaches, but for the players in this game: you.

The main criterion that the selection committee took into account when choosing our Charter Membership of the MCM HOF: At least 2000 comments/fanposts on MCM. That shows you right there that the members will be long time commenters. Some have even been around since Jimmy started it all in 2006.

The selection committee has chosen six Charter Members(out of the 1,725 total) for the Music City Miracles Hall of Fame. We will announce those members before the end of the year. Be watching!


(Ed. note: This story was republished from yesterday's fanpost.)