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Vince Young Sits Out Practice Wednesday; Wants to Play

Both the Tennessean and Titans Radio are reporting via Twitter that Titans quarterback Vince Young did not practice Wednesday.  The Tennessean adds that Kerry Collins took the reps with the first team, in case you are wondering. 

VY's quote from @titansradio concerns me a little:

"I'm day to day. I want to play. ...I feel pretty good, just taking it easy to be on the safe side."

Last week Vince repeatedly said that he would be good to play on against the Rams.  Today he is saying that he hopes to play.  A hamstring injury can be a tricky one to come back from because it has to completely heal or it will continue to get re-aggravated.  Hopefully Vince is a quick healer, or maybe John McClain will be willing to lend him a hamstring tendon (Frank Wycheck morning radio joke).