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Week 15 NFL Power Rankings : The "Who Cares, All I Want Is Playoffs" Edition


Rankings for Week 15 after the jump. Average spot is 16.'s "experts" - down one to #17. Whaaat?

ESPN    - steady at #17.

Running room for Chris Johnson against the Dolphins will shrink if VY is out with a hamstring injury. (Kuharsky)

Yahoo! Sports  - up two to #14.

Will the Titans get a chance to bully someone in the playoffs – and if so, will it be the most unlikely postseason appearance in NFL history?

Pro Football Weekly   - up two to #17.

Sign of the times: praying Vince Young can stay healthy.

CBS Sportsline  - up one to #18.

They play a playoff game this week against Miami. Winner stays alive. Loser is in big trouble.

Fox Sports - not updated yet

The Sporting News's Power Poll - up two to #17.

RB Chris Johnson is spectacular. If only they could erase the season's first six weeks.

What if Sports's rankings - down two to #19.