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Titans 47 Rams 7 Recap: The Good, Bad and Ugly

I am not up to the challenge of writing a traditional recap about this game.  It was boring the first time, and I have a feeling that reading about it would be even more boring.  So I decided to mail it in with a good, bad and ugly post.  Here goes:

The Good

The defense.  I know they were facing a guy from a D-II school who had never made an NFL start, but five picks is pretty impressive no matter the occasion.  Good to see our boy Keith Bulluck come up with two of them.  This secondary has been torched by the better passers in the league this season, but have feasted on the lesser competition.  The bad news is their are no passing cupcakes left on the schedule.

The defense was also able to help Chris Johnson extend his rushing lead over Steven Jackson by holding Jackson to just 47 yards on 19 carries.  CJ now leads SJ by 347 yards!

The Bad

CJ fell way off the pace to catch Eric Dickerson, and now faces an uphill battle to get to 2,000.  He needs 125 yards per game the rest of the way to get to 2,000 (doable) and 160 per game to catch Dickerson (probably not doable).   At least he still has a good shot at the yards from scrimmage mark of 2,429.  CJ has 2,017 thus far and should be able to take that one down.

The Ugly

The offense with Kerry Collins under center.  There is not a defense above the high school level that is afraid of Collins right now, and the Rams proved yesterday they are no exception.  They loaded up to stop CJ, which I guess is why Heimerdinger decided to let KC put the ball in the air 19 times.

I give this team about a 5% chance of beating the Dolphins next week if Collins is under center, so a lot of my time this week will be spent petitioning the football gods for healing for Vince Young's knee.

Ok, so maybe that was just as boring as the usual recap would have been, but at least I didn't spend as much time writing, and you didn't have to spend as much time reading.  That is my Christmas present to each and everyone of you.