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Vince Young Leaves Practice with a Knee Injury

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The Tennessean is reporting via Twitter that Vince Young left practice early today with a knee injury.  They say that Kerry Collins finished practice, but they do not say how serious the knee injury was.

I am sure there will be plenty more news about the injury this afternoon.  Stay tuned.

[UPDATE]- The Tennessean is reporting that this is the same knee that he injured in the game this past Sunday, good call by me, and that he as been trying to push through it.  Fisher said this after practice:

“He has been trying to push through practice and he just had a setback so we shut him down,’’ Fisher said. “We’ll tend to him inside and see how he is tomorrow.’’

That Tennessean article also includes this gem:

Asked if Collins would be ready in the event Young doesn’t feel better, Fisher joked: “He has been deer hunting every day. He doesn’t come to practice or meetings, so I don’t know.’’