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Week 13 NFL Power Rankings : The "Let's See How Far We've Come" Edition


Rankings for Week 13 after the jump. Average spot is 16, after being in the bottom five in every ranking just a month and a half ago.'s "experts" - up five to #14.

ESPN    - up three to #16.

The Titans are as confident as any team in the league as they prepare for trip to Indy. 

Yahoo! Sports  - up two to #14.

Is Bud Adams a football genius or a rich guy who got lucky – and at this point, does it really matter?

Pro Football Weekly  - up four to #17.

Kenny Britt is becoming a top-flight receiver.

CBS Sportsline  - up three to #19.

Watch out. They're coming fast. If they can beat the Colts this week, the schedule the rest of the way is favorable. (also click the link above to see the intro)

Fox Sports up two to #16.

It's official: Vince Young is magic again. Sure, he may have gobbled up a ton of yards through the air against one of pro football's worst pass defenses. And yes, the Cardinals he beat last week were starting Matt Leinart, not Kurt Warner.

The Sporting News's Power Poll  - up three to #16.

QB Vince Young is playing with swagger, and RB Chris Johnson is having an MVP-caliber season.

What if Sports's rankings - down one to #9