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Tennessee Titans @ San Francisco 49ers : 5 Keys to Victory

  1. Run the ball. We have to see if Chris Johnson can get anything against this great 49ers defense that allows only 85 yards per game on the ground.  If anyone can do it, the leading rusher in the NFL can. Running the ball will also keep the pressure off Vince Young in his second start in two years.  The Titans will be much better off relying on Chris Johnson and Lendale White than Vince Young and his receivers. The key is a mixture of the two backs throughout the game to get the defense thinking.
  2. Pass with confidence. The 49ers have the NFL's fourth worst pass defense, and it will be even worse with their starting cornerback, Nate Clements out. Against a bad pass defense and a good run defense, this is the perfect opportunity for Vince Young to have a good passing performance. Vince had a stellar completion percentage against the Jaguars, but let's see if he can continue against this defense. 
  3. Prevent turnovers. Turnovers are the worst thing a team can do, because it allows the other team an opportunity to score with momentum on their side. The Titans did a good job last week of causing turnovers by the Jaguars after not being able to for the previous 6 games. If the Titans win the turnover battle, they will be in a very good position to win.
  4. Ride the momentum. The Titans had their first win of the season on Sunday, and they are riding high. Nate Washington and Chris Johnson say that they can go 10-0, and they have won 9 straight against the NFC. It seems the team is on a high, but they need to build on it.
  5. Keep the receivers in check. The Titans had their best pass defense of the season last week, and a good part of it was probably due to Cortland Finnegan and Vincent Fuller both being back. Vernon Davis and Michael Crabtree are the two most threatening targets for Alex Smith, and the secondary needs to limit them especially. If Jason Jones gets to the quarterback fast like he did last week, it could be a very long day for Alex Smith.